Why Compost?

Maybe you've tried composting and it hasn't worked, or you'd just like to know why it's such an important practice for individuals and companies alike. So, why?


  • Boost the health and fertility of soil, greatly improving the ability for food production
  • Feed your fruit, herbs and vegetables with nature's richest plant food, in an organic way
  • Reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill
  • Genuine sustainability effort, 'green stamp', and social credibility for businesses
  • Generate income as a grower

By composting you help enrich the soil with vital nutrients, grow amazing plants and make your garden flourish with healthy fruits and vegetables. You are also helping reduce the amount of valuable 'food waste' which is typically lost in landfill. 

Composting can help save money for your household or your business, but also helps to balance the expenses within a community, which then gradually affects a nation.

For the farmer, composting can help to generate income. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are in high demand in virtually every marketplace, which can make growing and selling organic produce a lucrative source of income.

Visit the THE FEED for helpful tips and resources to better your understanding and help get you started.

Discover 101 things you can compost around the home or workplace

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