Our Services

1. Consultation

Compost Central Founder, Andrew is available for consultation to meet to inspect your garden or property, and give specific, tailored advice and guidance about the best compost solution for you. 

Consultation can be held at the Compost Central warehouse in your own location, and is conducted on an hourly or per-project basis.

2. Compost Design & Installation

Our core focus is compost design. We design and install systems work efficiently in any location, in every season. We're available for hire, to design and install and system which works best for you and your space.

We work with individuals and families, businesses, schools and organisations - primarily in the greater Byron Bay area, but available nationally.

3. Talks & Workshops

We hold composting talks and workshops at local eateries, cafes and veggie gardens - teaching people the effective way to compost, and how to do so in their own home or workplace. Andrew is available for bookings.

Check out Talks page for the latest talks and workshops in your area.

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