Garden Ship

The ultimate food production and compost eco-system for a family home, workplace, school, cafe or resort

Who - Enthusiast
Space - Medium to Large
Suits - 4-8 People / Family
Maintenance - Medium
Sizes - 4m, 8m, Custom

'Garden Ship' is a complete and functional food garden, which converts your food waste and distributes the valuable compost bi-product directly into your food garden, boosting the growth of your herbs, lettuces and vegetables.

Spanning from 4-8 meters in length, it can host a number of our effective compost system, and is designed to compost your food waste all year round, and is even perfect for hot weather

Once your herbs and veggies are in and growing, the garden can produce all year round - and it is not affected by the harsh Australian heat, nor our neglect as gardeners. It needs very little human intervention once setup!


Master Garden Ship

Who - Cafe, Restaurant, Resort, School
Space - Large Outdoor Space
Suits - Workshops, Events
Maintenance - Medium
Sizes - 12m, 14m, 18m, Custom

A 3D render upscaled example of the Garden Ship. This particular render shows a much larger format, with a dedicated workshops / communal space, with long communal table and edible greenery weaved throughout the structure's framework. The buckets on the external are our 'Big Boy' Buckets There are many opportunities for different configurations, and doorways, windows and openings can be added anywhere along the length of the structure, to suit the intended purpose.

Example Format


Bay 1

This section features a workshop seating area housing a long communal table for around 20 people. The walls of this section are created using a curved galvanised steel mesh which can grow climbing food vegetation, and has an open, natural airflow feel.

Bay 2

Multiple-purpose space for workshops, classes or events. Similar design to the first bay, allowing natural airflow and greenery to grow on the outside walls.

Bay 3

This section is design to be a sealed, water-proofed storage area. This can be used for any type of storage, such as garden tools and equipment, soil improvers, seeds, etc.



A few variations of The Garden Ship installed over the last 48 months

Santos Organics, Byron Bay, NSW


Talalla Retreat, Talalla, Sri Lanka

Private Residence, Mullimbimby, NSW

Compost Central Warehouse, Byron Bay NSW

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